Monday, January 21, 2013

Sunday July 15 The new network name for our wireless and asking advice

Before the political meeting earlier this week, Primo informed me that he had changed the name of our home computer network from "Beevis," with its corresponding password "butthole" (yes, he is 12 years old) to "SmartCat," which is our cat's name. The other cat is "PrettyCat," which should give you an idea of how things work around here with cats trying to open doors and get into things. One of them can do it, the other can't.

In other news, I suggested to Primo that he call this wise political adviser he knows. Cooper used to be a state senator and now is a political consultant. His son is running for the state house in another district. Primo has been helping Cooper II on his campaign with the expectation that Cooper and Cooper II will help Primo once Cooper II's primary is over. (All Cooper II has to do is win his primary. His district is heavily Polka Dot, so he really doesn't have to worry about the Stripes challenger. He does, however, have to worry about the four Polka Dots who are running against him in the primary.)

Me: Why don't you call Cooper and ask him how to work a church crowd? He should know.

Primo: I don't want to bother him on Sunday morning!

Me: It won't be a bother. People love to be asked for advice.

Primo: I don't know.

Me: OK, then why don't you email him? I promise he will be flattered that you think enough of him to ask his opinion.

Primo: Maybe.

PS I am re-reading this now in January, after writing it six months ago, and realizing I have given Cooper I and Cooper II at least three different aliases in this story. Oh well.


  1. Don't worry - if this had been a book, I'd have bought it by now. I'm hooked!! I'll have to spend the rest of the year getting up to speed on what's happened before.

  2. Thanks, y'all! That is the plan. I have already written a draft of the wedding drama, but Primo wants me to wait until his mom wouldn't learn about it before I do anything else. Want to be readers/editors?

  3. Where the hell do you get the energy?

    1. Until July, I was free of employment. Lots of time.