Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday July 17 Primo has another union interview and the campaign strategist thinks he can't win unless he becomes Stripe like

When I got home from work, Primo told me he'd been called in for an interview with another union. "They said they left me a message, but I never got it," he said. "Samantha called me this morning and said everyone else had interviews today and why wasn't I there."

He showered and rushed over to the interview. "It didn't go well," he said. "They weren't as receptive as the first interview and had a lot of questions about how I was going to raise money."

Which is a legitimate question. Going to our bank account is not an option.

When I got home from tennis class, Primo was even more dejected. "Samantha gave me the report from the campaign strategist. He thinks the only way I can win is if I embrace Stripes ideas."

I shook my head, confused. "But why would you do that? You're running against a Stripe."

He nodded. "I know."

"Does he think that the Stripes will vote for you instead of for the actual Stripe? That makes no sense. Plus then if you do get elected, how will you vote? You need to run as who you are. Not extreme, but who you are."

"He doesn't like the numbers. He thinks the district is 62% Stripe, but that was the election before the redistricting. I think it's more 57%."

I hugged him. "We're in it. It's a long shot, but it's not insurmountable. Don't let those guys get you down."

"I'm worried about the money," he admitted.

"But I have a job. And you have a leave of absence. So we're not taking any real risks. If you don't win, then you go back to your job."

"No," he answered. "I mean about the campaign. Raising money. I don't know how I'm going to do it."

"Oh," I said. "That. That's a harder question. Because I do not want us to fund this campaign ourselves. I guess you need to figure that one out."


  1. Is it not Samantha's job to come up with fund raising ideas? What kinds of things do the other candidates do? Must be a hell of a lot easier for those with trust funds!

    1. I know! We never did figure out what she was doing for Primo. That drama actually continues past the election.