Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Friday Aug 17 Some donations are more equal than others

Primo: I didn't get out to do doors today. I was too busy arranging the campaign launch event.

Me: How'd it go?

Primo: I got some sponsors lined up.

Me: What is a sponsor?

Primo: Someone who donates at least $100 - $50 to me and $50 to MaryJane. [MaryJane is in the next district and has done some campaigning with Primo. I do not like MJ at all and I like her even less now that I have known her longer. She posts crazy things on her facebook page without understanding the issues. Plus her cigarette breath just about knocks me out.]

Me: Wow! Who did you get?

Primo: Blake, Blake's dad, Terrence C., Christine A. [All local politicians.]

Me: That's really nice.

Primo: Terrence C. was impressed at what I did last week. He wants to give me more than he gives to MaryJane.

Me: Of course he does.

Primo: I said as long as we keep it on the down low and as long as he gives at least $50 to MaryJane.

Me: That sounds fair.


  1. So, what do these sponsors expect in return? This is the part I would hate.

    1. Yes. People who give money don't give it out of the goodness of their hearts, although I think our friends looked at their donations as a way to be extraordinarily nice friends. But I think for most donors, they are buying access.