Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wednesday Aug 15 Election results

Primo is a happy, happy man. All the candidates he has been working with for the primary won last night. I don't care one way or another because these are all Polka Dots running in completely safe Polka Dot seats that don't have Stripes challengers. It matters not to me which Polka Dot holds a Polka Dot seat. It might as well be one of Primo's friends who can help him get elected.

Stephanie Perry won, despite the smear campaign against her by her fellow Polka Dots. Now she and her dripping with disdain husband will be moving into her new district. That is, they will be selling one house and buying another and paying to move, all for a job that pays $49,000 a year. It must be nice to be able to do politics as a hobby.

He didn't get home until I was asleep and he was asleep when I left for work, but I know he will be in a very good mood when I get home.


  1. Let's all say it together ... gerrymandering!

    Can't wait to learn what happens in phase two.

    1. Yes. Gerrymandering. A fine American tradition.