Sunday, March 31, 2013

Monday Oct 22 Other stuff

1. We have a new volunteer who did doors this weekend. He's willing to work at the phone bank (where they call to ask people who have already indicated a liking for Primo if they will commit to vote for him or something like that - all I know is I have to bake some brownies before Thursday), but only if there is no tie-in between Primo's campaign and the Polka Dot presidential candidate campaign. This guy is a PD, but he wants nothing to do with the PD presidential candidate.

We have that in common.

2. Two of our neighbors who had said they would take yard signs are now saying no. They are two elderly couples and in each case, the wife has taken ill and the husband doesn't want a sign because I don't know why. Sweet, sweet guys. When I was still a golddigger, I used to cut the grass and shovel the sidewalk for one of them. Then I found out their kids live a few blocks away and I got ticked off. Shouldn't their kids be doing that for their dad with a heart condition and mother who can barely walk?

So Guy #1 said he doesn't want a sign because he doesn't want people knocking on the door and asking him questions about the candidate. Which I don't know if has ever happened in the history of the world but what do you say?

Guy #2 says wife is in the hospital so he can't have a sign. How do you argue with that?

3. Our neighbors down the street have a PD presidential candidate sign in their yard. Primo and I walked past their house when they were outside working. I asked if they would take a yard sign for Primo.

They told me they couldn't because they "are very committed to [PD presidential candidate]."

I guess there isn't room for more than one yard sign. Go figure.


  1. Some of the excuses people come up with make no sense. I think they think they're being polite. Maybe they are.

    1. Honestly. Just say you don't want a sign, thank you. I learned how to say no when I lived in the South. You can do it and survive.