Thursday, April 4, 2013

Saturday Oct 27 Primo cancels the thingy with the head of the state PD party

We went out to dinner last night. We had a groupon that was about to expire. So even though we are both exhausted and have had no time to relax for weeks, we drove 20 minutes to get to the restaurant to save ten dollars.

Fortunately, the food was excellent. It was a small Mexican place run by actual Mexicans who definitely know what they're doing in the kitchen.

Other customers included major hipster dudes who were wearing their wool caps and their baseball cap that declared "Shit happens," even though they were indoors. I suppose that if you're not going to bother to wash your hair or comb it, you might as well leave your hat on.

On the way there, Primo announced that he had cancelled the thing with the head of the state PDs. "It was too disorganized," he said. "Plus Potsie and I decided that associating with him would not help us with the people in the middle. It would play well to the base, but we already have the base."

"I told you so," I said.

I love being able to say that.


  1. You need to have it tattooed on a body part so that you can flash it at Primo when the mood takes you. Primo's probably thinking "Yes, your inner thigh would be good!"