Thursday, July 16, 2015

In which Sly and Doris meet the retired RN who does caretaking and Sly thinks she is "smug"

  • Me 
    how did it go with the RN/caretaker?

  • 8:23am

    She is very nice. They are going to give her a try. She will start by taking my dad to his surgery follow-up appointment on Friday.
    We will see whether something like this can work. I didn't detect anything negative, but my dad thought that she seemed "smug."

  • Primo

    I'm worn out. I will probably feel like being cranky about getting ready for the party after I get home.
    Debbie did recommend an assisted-living place in town that we did not know about. My mom and I are going to look at it before I leave.
    She said that assisted living was definitely "the direction in which they need to go" (or something like that).

    back to your dad - what is his plan if the smug lady doesn't work out?
    And will she do light housekeeping and cooking?

  • 9:13am

    Yes, she will.
    I don't know what his plan is.
    I don't think she is smug.
    She said that she could do all kinds of stuff and that she is a good cook. I think they wanted her to acknowledge her limitations.

  • 9:16am

    Oh for pete's sake
    do they want to sit in their own pee?
    or do they want help?
    if there are specific limitations that concern them, they could ask her.
    Otherwise, of course she is going to highlight what she can do well

  • Primo

    My mom mentioned today that we shouldn't talk to him about not being gracious and apologetic enough because he'd take it out on her after I leave.

  • 1:49pm

    that is very disturbing
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