Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Things Primo is not doing because he is stuck taking care of Sly and Doris - I think he should let them figure it out themselves - they are like alcoholics (well, they are alcoholics) - they need to hit rock bottom

Things Primo had promised to have done by the end of January February

1. The taxes, or most of it

2. The time share that Isabel got after the divorce but never took Primo's name off so when she died a year ago, it became Primo's problem and Primo's credit score, even though the time share people were perfectly happy to lend Isabel money to buy more credits without Primo's signature. The moral of this story is if you get divorced, make sure your ex has taken care of all the paperwork for things like this after the divorce or just do it yourself. Otherwise, you will be dealing with a huge pain in the neck after the ex dies.

3. Preparing my old computer to give to our bachelor neighbor with MS. Primo got me a new reconditioned HP, which I really don't like that much because it is so slow that I might as well have kept the old one, but it's too late to return it. It came with Windows 8, which could be the problem. Who knows? Anyhow, he was going to have my old one ready for Keith the first week of January.

It is still sitting in the living room.

Not sure any of this stuff would actually have been resolved even if Primo weren't having to deal with Sly and Doris, but now there is a legitimate reason for him not to finish the work.

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