Tuesday, July 7, 2015

In which Sly has - how do I say this? - problems associated with older men and their plumbing

Just was messaging with Primo.

Primo: I am not good at this kind of stuff. He's dripped pee on the bathroom floor, etc.

Me: Oh ick. You never do that. Tell him to sit.

Primo: It is difficult for him to sit down and get up, so he will not sit to pee. Most men don't. I do (except in public bathrooms) because it's neater and cleaner.

Me: So who will clean the pee off the floor?

Primo: I will do it because it grosses me out. I use that bathroom.

Me: No. Once you are gone. [Doris can't do it. She can hardly walk.] Why don't they ask their cleaning lady to come in more often?

Primo: She might do some grocery shopping.

Me: They could pay her to come in and clean more than once every two weeks!


  1. You've probably thought of this, but would someone's doctor tell them that it's time to move into assisted living?

    1. Webb, we never thought of enlisting the doctor. That's a good idea.