Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thank you

You guys, thank you so much so your condolences and kind words. I have read all of them to Primo and he is touched that people who have never even met him are being so kind.

I agree with the thought that some of you so eloquently expressed that we wanted more for Doris - that even if she could be not likeable sometimes, she did not deserve the life she had with Sly. And Primo pointed out that in the few times I was with Doris without Sly, she was a different person.

"THAT'S who my mom really was," he said. "She was a nice, good person."

I hope wherever she is now - if anywhere, that she is not in pain and is with the people she loves.


  1. That is my hope too. I'm certain that's where she is.

  2. Belated condolences from me, too. For the loss and for the regrets. If she is anywhere, as you say, she is in her son’s memories – as a nice, good person.

    1. Thanks, Margaret. I am glad Primo has good memories of her from before and that he can share them with me.