Tuesday, December 29, 2015

In which Primo thinks about how a kingdom was lost for the want of a nail

Primo: If my mom had died the day before my dad's surgery, he never would have had the surgery and he would be alive to deal with all this stuff.

Me: Hmmmmm.

Primo: He would.

Me: Except I expect you would still be doing everything you are doing now because your dad just wouldn't do what needed to be done, plus you would be taking care of your dad.

Me: And if your dad had not fallen on your mom and broken her knees, then she might still be alive.

Primo: I know.

Me: I would never let you lie in pain for four days.

Primo: Sweetie, my dad is old. And the ER said nothing was wrong with her.

Me: Since when did your father ever accept someone else's authority? He was the smartest man in the world.

Primo: What was he supposed to do?

Me: Call 911! I swear, if you were in horrible pain and couldn't move and I had to bring a trash can for you to pee in, I would not stop until I had answers. I would not watch someone I loved in pain without trying to do something. Your dad is directly responsible for most of your mother's suffering.

Primo: I know.


  1. Not calling 911 happens all too often. My FIL fell and my MIL called her son. He called 911. The emergency people told her this is exactly what they are here for and she should call them immediately if it happens again. Well he fell out of bed (bed ridden for a while) and she called her son again. Unfortunately my FIl passed away while she waited.

    1. Took my grandfather 12 hours to call when my grandmother fell and he was no longer strong enough to get her up off the floor. We gave him hell for that. We get that he's proud, but his inability to accept his loss of physical ability and independence built around that physical ability created far more problems than there should ever have been.

      - AC

  2. See, what's so weird about it is that Sly never had any problems calling 911 when he needed help. He called (or had Doris call for him, I expect) twice in one night when he kept falling! Maybe he just didn't think Doris was that important.