Monday, December 28, 2015

In which Stephanie's friend who is helping Primo says she might take Cat 1

Stephanie's friend has been helping Primo plan the garage sale and advising him on what can be sold and maybe for how much and she has been an angel and won't let Primo pay her (but we are going to get her a gift card to a really nice restaurant) has said she might take Cat #1 because her dog is old and sick.

Primo has been really worried about the cats. It is not easy to place older cats. Even kittens can have a hard time. Stephanie and I saw a cage full of kittens at the farmers market the weekend of Sly's funeral. Kittens are little and cute and fun and if you can't give a kitten away, good luck with an older cat.

So this is good news.

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  1. That is almost exactly the argument our daughter used to talk us into adopting Decorative Cat. (As opposed to Useful Cat, a friend had to give him up, but he was also older when he joined us.)