Monday, March 21, 2016

In which I can promise Subaru that if Sly does buy a car from them, it will indeed be a "different" car-buying experience

I sent an email to Subaru of Jacksonville, asking them to take Sly off their mailing list.

They wrote back.

Dear Sly,

Thank you for giving Subaru of Jacksonville the opportunity to earn your business. We have received your inquiry for a new *. We strive to provide you a "different" car buying experience, by putting YOU first. We are the #1 Subaru Dealer in the state of Florida when it comes to customer service, as awarded by dealer rater (please visit dealerrater DOT com and review our report card for yourself).

* Yeah, there was nothing after "inquiry for a new.


  1. Just more proof that no one reads the mail. It's all about selling

  2. All that probably did was get you on several more lists from the dealer. Ask me how I know.....