Tuesday, March 22, 2016

More catalogs

Now I know why Doris sent us such junky presents.

  • Harry and David (she never sent us anything from here - I would have liked that)
  • Bits and Pieces (no idea what this is)
  • Sharper Image
  • Ashley-Sleep
  • Lenox


  1. To get this many catalogs they had to be buying regularly and from companies that are selling their mailing lists. I rarely get anything and when I do they stop sending if I haven't ordered again within a year.

    1. Yes, they were. That's where they bought all the tacky presents they sent to us.

  2. Bits and Pieces, I think, is a puzzle catalogue, FWIW. Not sure if you like puzzles or not, but they would have maybe been better gifts than what you did get. And easier to hide/get rid of.

    1. 1. We do like puzzles.
      2. We are happy with the puzzles I get at Goodwill for a dollar that have photos of fishing boats or kittens
      3. We were thoroughly confused by the custom-made puzzle of a map of our neighborhood a few years ago.
      4. They always managed to send us gifts from the one vendor who would not give cash returns to the gift recipient and who never had anything else in the catalog that we wanted.