Monday, April 4, 2016

In which the house, which is less than 15 years old, is inspected and the inspector has a huge list of repairs that need to be done, including replacing all the HVAC ducts because nobody could have anticipated roof rats in Florida

More stress about the house. The realtor finally got the results of the inspection and a long list of requested repairs. All I'd heard before today was that "the inspection went well," but apparently it didn't.
Oh man. I am sorry.
This is not what you need.
Maybe they will take an allowance?
The biggest issue is damaged HVAC ductwork because of roof rats.
oh no!
Ze rats?
According to the contract, our repair expenses are capped at $1000, but that will probably not be enough. The buyers could back out if I decide not to fix everything.
I would give them the money if they will just do the work
what a mess
And it would have been nice to get the inspection results sooner. The inspection happened 10 days ago. I could have looked at a couple of the issues while I was there.
they did not do it right
They can ask for things to be fixed before they close. I thought we could give them the amount that is in the contract ($1000) toward repairs, but apparently that is not how it usually works. I don't know (having never sold a house).
And I'm not there, so this is going to be really stressful to deal with remotely.

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