Monday, September 4, 2017

Ch 10 Doris sends an email to Primo about what she would like to write to me

Dear Primo,
I decided not to send this message to Goldie without your clearance.  Let me know what you think. Ted called and talked at length. He seemed relatively sincere. Visit to the doctor today has me exhausted. I am going to hit the bed.


Dear Goldie,
I hope that someday you will welcome my wish to say, Love, Doris. It has hurt so much not to be able to narrow our ideological gaps. You and my son love each another. I want to love you as well.  Enough said tonight, I'm not all together.

You might want to tell Primo that throughout this day not one health care worker, including docs, RNs, and subordinate personnel knew enough to say "lie" vs. lay. When we saw Maria for a brief time with Jack on Sunday, we asked how things were going at FAU, and she enthusiastically responded "good," instead of well. One is either fur or agin maintaining English usage standards. The most egregious example I ran into recently was a quotation by billionaire, Mayor Michael Bloomburg of NYC wherein he talked about young people "graduating college."

Primo answers.

It’s not about not agreeing on politics, Mom. Goldie and I don’t agree on politics and love each other. If it’s not a problem for me, it shouldn’t be problem for you guys. This is not about narrowing “ideological gaps” and you guys know it. Her politics should not matter to you. She has never brought them up to you. If she is willing to accept your politics, why can’t you accept hers? You need to decide if you want a relationship with me because a relationship with me includes Goldie. If you and Dad can’t bring yourselves to welcome her and treat her nicely, then you will not be seeing me.


  1. Wow, go Primo. Proud of his strength. Know it's difficult (note, i did not say "hard" - do i get extra points?) Am so sorry that you two lived all this drama for so long. It's a terrible thing that the death of your in-laws was such a relief.

  2. That answer doesn't even make sense. If she wasn't "all together", why not wait until she was and send you a proper response? Also, as someone who cannot help nitpicking other people's English but who HAS learned to keep it to herself - Bloomberg, with an E.

    But more importantly, great response from Primo!