Thursday, September 7, 2017

Ch 10 I try again with Doris because I should, but I totally dodge the question of what don’t I like about them because I am not stupid

Dear Sly and Doris,

I just read the most interesting pair of books. Doris, I think you would really like them – you have mentioned that you like Barbara Kingsolver. Have you read “The Poisonwood Bible?” If not, read it! And then read “King Leopold’s Ghost.” The two books go together very well. One is a fictional account of a missionary family in Africa; the other is non-fiction about the gun trade in Africa and how that money made Belgium rich.

My garden is doing well this year. Last year, I had a lot of collards and chard and other things that are easy to find at the store. This year, I am growing only produce that is way too expensive in the store, like the little fancy lettuces and basil, and things that taste good only when home grown, like tomatoes. Actually, tomatoes are about the only thing to which that rule applies. I can’t tell any difference between a homegrown and a store zucchini or kale or leeks. And leeks fall into the “way too expensive in the store” category, which is why I am growing them as well. I have a garden full of fancy lettuce, basil, leeks, and tomatoes. Primo and I are eating a lot of Caprese salads. He doesn’t want to weed, which is fine – it’s not his garden – but he sure likes what comes out of my work!J [1]

I hope your garden has not become too overrun with weeds. I know how frustrating it is to spend hours pulling unwanted visitors only to have them return even stronger.

And here I question myself – is “even stronger” the proper way to say it? I do not want Sly to return my letter with red marks all over it. Sheesh. I am a grown woman and I am scared about the grammar in a casual letter because I am so afraid it will be used as ammunition against me.

Purslane is trying to overtake my garden. I discovered too late that it is like the hydra – if you chop it into bits, each bit comes to life. I have seen purslane at the farmers market – I want to tell people, “You may have as much as you want for free if you will pull it out of my garden!”

What are you reading these days? Anything to recommend?


[1] Yes, I am being bitter again that Primo does not share my interests in gardening. Bitter with a smiley face. Will we get the same complaint again?

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