Saturday, September 9, 2017

Ch 10 I make a typo on my blog, which could possibly lead to Primo’s breaking up with me, which, of course, would thrill Sly

Me: Oh no! I made an apostrophe mistake (in my blog).

Primo (on the phone with me - he is in the Dallas airport reading my blog as we are speaking): Where?

Me: Fixed it. Too late. You can't see it.

Primo: Nope. I'm still on the page. I see it. Ha! I won't be able to marry to you now.

Me: Yeah, I suppose not.

Primo: That'll make my parents happy. Or at least my dad. He probably thinks that a grammar mistake is a good reason to break up with someone. He can't understand why I am with you in the first place.

Me: Tell him I'm good in bed. Wait. No. Don’t. 

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