Thursday, December 13, 2012

Friday June 1 Primo helps another candidate collect signatures

Primo came home early from the capitol. He had planned to stay until late Friday so he could go to the Jackson Browne concert, but then someone who still hadn't collected all his signatures asked for his help. Primo left the capitol, drove back home, and spent the afternoon in a Walgreen's parking lot, asking for signatures.

Keep in mind we had collected all his required signatures - 200 - on May 8. Over three weeks ago.

This guy just decided to run and just started collecting.

One of his volunteers wasn't even collecting in the candidate's district. Which means all the signatures she collected were invalid. Which makes me want to make snarky jokes about the intelligence of the PDs but I won't because I have plenty of bright PD friends.


Primo spend three hours volunteering for this guy, who then grabbed the petitions and drove an hour and a half to the capitol to turn them in to the elections board before the 5:00 deadline.

He was three short.

All that time.


"But I got brownie points with the Party," he said.

"These brownie points better mean they help you soon," I said. "All it seems that you do is help other people who haven't done a darn thing to help you."

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