Sunday, December 9, 2012

Friday May 18 More yard signs

Primo came home from his Polka Dots of Springfield County meeting last night with a yard sign for the Polka Dot candidate for governor in the upcoming recall election. He put it up next to the "Recall the Stripes Guy" sign that I finally agreed to letting him put in the yard as his Christmas present.

I don't even want yard signs for the people I like. I certainly don't want them for the people I don't like.

He snuck a sign in the upstairs guest window a few months ago. I saw it as I was pulling into the driveway one day. I said nothing, but removed the sign and hid it at the bottom of the drawer where I had my summer clothes.

When he noticed, he indignantly asked what had happened to it. I informed him that our Christmas agreement did not cover signage in the windows and that I was not trying to make our house the trashiest house on the block.

When I came out of the gym this morning, I saw that he had put a "Polka Dot Guy for Governor" bumper sticker on the car.


  1. So how does a mixed marriage like this work? I am a complete Polka Dot, and I honestly don't see how I could be in a lifetime relationship with a Stripe... unless that person's Stripeyness was lukewarm and he didn't really care about it that much. Because really, Stripes and Polka Dots see the world so differently, and extreme Stripes value things that I find utterly abhorrent. How do you manage that?

    1. Alicia, I've been trying to think about how to answer your question. I guess neither of us could be married to someone on the extreme end, but are OK with some differences. We do meet in the middle on gay marriage, the death penalty, and on legalizing drugs. (Well, I want to legalize them all and he just wants to legalize pot.) So we share a lot of the same values and goals but disagree on how to get there.

      I do have friends from all over the political spectrum, although I have to admit I am not close any more to one friend who took a job as development director for a non-profit that I find morally repugnant.

  2. Never mind ... I had gotten behind on my blog reading, but I just saw the link to "the drama starts here."