Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sunday Oct 28 Not so lazy

1. I entered the contributions for the campaign finance report.

2. Primo and I spent three hours doing doors. It was cold. Nobody answered because kids were trick or treating and it wasn't the neighborhood T or T. People don't want to give candy to kids from other neighborhoods, especially when they feel they are being taken advantage of. Entire vanloads of kids are disbursed on the block and they run through like locusts. Actually, the little kids are cute and they're innocent. But when there are teenagers involved and they don't even have costumes and their first question - and yes, I heard this from someone I think might have been old enough to vote - is "You got candy?" you have to think that perhaps the spirit of the event is being lost.

3. I am  baking a double batch of chocolate chocolate chip cookies for Thursday's phone bank.

4. Primo and I are negotiating how household chores will be done starting after the election. He is willing to share them equally, except for the things that he doesn't care about, i.e., washing the windows. I have informed him that it doesn't work like that. You don't get to say, "I want a clean house but only if someone else does the crummy stuff" and you don't get to abdicate part of housecleaning by saying you don't care if the windows are clean. Although there is no way I can make him do windows, I suppose. I could stage my own private Lysistrata maybe.

I said that he has to do all the leaf raking. I have done it for the past three years when I was unemployed. It's his turn. He has agreed.

5. I talked to a guy doing doors whose first question was, "Which party?"

Me: Polka Dots.

Voter [extends hand]: OK. I will never vote for a Stripe.

Me: Well, thanks for your vote. [Even though I am in principle opposed to voting straight party line. Shouldn't you still know about the people you're voting for?] Would you like a yard sign? [He's on a corner lot, which is a good spot.]

Voter: Sure! [Reaches for his wallet.] How much?

Me: Oh! Well, they're free.

Voter: Then how about if I give you something for the campaign?

Me: That would be great.

Voter: Here. [Hands me a $20.]

Me: I don't have any envelopes. If you'll give me a piece of paper, I'll write you a receipt.

Voter [shrugs]: Why would I need that? It's not like I can put it on my taxes.

Me: Oh. Yeah. Well, thanks!


  1. Primo and you will probably look back on this campaign as The Great WXYZ Drought of 2012. If Primo actually does the leaf raking to your satisfaction, I'll be amazed. Some people deliberately set low standards when it comes to housekeeping stuff so that they eventually have to be relieved of their duties! (Looking at you, Primo!)

    1. I accept low standards for work I do not have to do myself!

      And yes - it was the [wxyz] drought. I really don't know when other politicians have time to fool around.

    2. They fool around *after* they're elected