Thursday, December 24, 2015

In which Primo admits that he doesn't want help because he will be forced to make decisions

[Stephanie's friend] is coming over in about an hour and a half. I really don't want to work with her, but she's nice and I should accept her help.
I will ask her to help in the kitchen today and cut things down to a minimal set of stuff for me to use while I'm here.
Good idea
Why don't you want to work with her?
She is really aggressive about getting rid of stuff (like you) and works quickly. And it's not fun to work on that kind of stuff with anyone but a few people (like you or Sam, for example).
I see
That makes sense
you are emotionally attached
She's nice, but I'd rather be by myself. But it will help me get more done.


  1. I get it...when we were handling my aunt's apartment, my mom was almost in tears at the speed that my cousin, otherwise known as The Family Saint was dispatching of things. My cousin, who is usually a really caring and sensitive person, apologized for her "disconnect" and things went more slower, and smoothly.
    To someone in the business of handling an estate, it is just "stuff". To Primo, it is the home where his parents lived, and he has had decades of seeing his parents and his sister sitting at that kitchen table...using that cutlery. His parent's are recently deceased, it's still raw.If Primo can do a sweep of one room for things that he values, maybe he could let Stephanie's friend at it - while he's not there, of course. Being there is hard.
    I also get it from the other side, after working with a collectibles and antique seller - she was efficient (aka ruthless).
    I'm sorry, Primo, that this work has fallen to you. It's very difficult. When my aunt died, I wanted to hang onto all sorts of things; crazy stuff - it was as if I wanted to hang onto her, through her stuff.

    1. emma, that's such a great observation. I had not thought of that because to me, it is all junk. I expect it will be a lot harder for me when my mom goes. :(