Tuesday, April 26, 2016

In which Primo finally hears back about the buyers and whether they will still take the house, even though the ducts were repaired instead of being replaced

"They said OK. But they want a home warranty," announced Primo.

"How much?"

"Four hundred fifteen dollars."

"Give it to them. Oh man. Even if they wanted ten thousand dollars off, give it to them so we can be done with this."

"I was dreading having to start all over again!"

"Yeah. I want this done. I want it over."


  1. Not every problem can be solved with money, which is why I'm absolutely in favor of using money to solve the few that can.

    The Ted problem, for example, only *claims* it could be solved with money; there would never be enough, though, so it doesn't fall into this category.

    1. Exactly. Problems that can be fixed with money are the good kind. I think Ted is the kind of problem solved only by death. That's what I thought about Sly and Doris - I had no idea they would be able to wreak almost as much havoc dead as they did alive.

  2. While I "kid' that I'm selling the house the moment my husband dies it's things like this that may keep me here to the end. Maybe I can get one of my kids to buy it? Of course one of them actually has to want to move back home first.

    1. I'm not even kidding! I tell Primo that the second he drops dead, I am selling the house (it is not that hard when you have a good, experienced realtor and your house is not a piece of crap), throwing away all his junk in the basement, and moving back south.