Tuesday, April 26, 2016

In which Primo's realtor meets the buyers' realtor and the buyers' realtor's inspection guy at Sly and Doris' house to look at the formerly rat-infested HVAC system

1. Florida has rats. I had rats when I lived in Miami, not because I am a dirty person but because I lived in Miami.

2. There are probably rats in other places, too. I had rats when I lived in Memphis. What you do with rats is put out poison. Or get a cat.

3. Primo had a guy repair the air ducts. He should not have had to do that. On a newish house, in an area where this is known to be a problem, the builder should have used better materials. (I am assuming there are ducting materials that are rat proof.)

So. Primo is all stressed because it is three days before Christmas and he wants to close on the house and all of a sudden there is this huge wrench in the works. Primo's realtor, unfortunately, bears a lot of blame for this. There was some repair/replace form that maybe Primo was supposed to sign and he didn't even see it.

This realtor seems like a really nice guy and has worked hard, but he is not a realtor full time and there are things that have fallen through the cracks. I would recommend when you, my reader friend, hire a realtor, that you hire a full-time experienced realtor. If one of your best friends wants to break into the business, let him break someone else's business.

Primo is stressed and he was cranky all day yesterday and didn't go out as he had planned and stayed up until 5:00 a.m., which is completely dysfunctional but that's how he rolls.

He woke up. I am working at home today. He said, "The realtor just sent me a text. The repairman looked at everything and said it's fine and the buyers should buy the house."

"The repairman is someone the buyers' agent chose, right?" I asked.



"So now we just have to wait for their agent to talk to them. I hope they agree."

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