Wednesday, April 27, 2016

In which there is MORE drama with the closing of the house

Primo sent a fedex package yesterday with all the signed closing documents. We thought that meant we were DONE. Except we thought that the buyer might find more problems during the walkthrough later today.

We still don't know what the buyer will find during the walkthrough. The realtor is spending the day clearing the house of all the leftover stuff that the buyer had said weeks ago Primo could leave in the house.

He called the title company to make sure they got the package.

They did.

But then they said Oh by the way there is a new Florida law and that $2,000 the buyer wants in escrow to cover additional repairs? We can't use escrow for repairs any more. So you need to send a check overnight directly to the buyer.

Primo: But that means we have to trust the buyer to send any extra money back.

Me: I don't even care anymore. I just want this guy out of our lives. I don't care if he keeps the money.


  1. For every person who will try to jerk you around there is a government regulation to make it worse.

  2. Are you sure this guy isn't a friend of Ted's?