Sunday, February 5, 2017

In which it is about two weeks until the election and I wonder how on earth politicians ever find time to have affairs because they don't even have time to get busy at home

Here is how Primo has been spending his time:
  • Doing doors
  • Delivering yard signs
  • Having me take photos of him for a mailer
  • Getting materials to other people doing doors for him
  • Picking the photo for the mailer
  • Probably drafting the mailer with the artist
Here is what he has not been doing:
  • Anything. With. His. Wife.
At least I have not had to shave my legs lately. Why bother?

1 comment:

  1. Volunteers? Am not at all sure that an Engineer can be a politician. Primo's need to control everything is probably standing in his way of being an effective campaigner. If elected, he will need to hand over a lot of stuff to others in order to do the really substantive stuff. I think that would be very difficult for him. Perhaps it's time to re-evaluate his desire to do something for his community and find an engineering job for the state or county... just a thought.