Monday, July 31, 2017

Ch 7 I message Stephanie for her perspective on her wedding

Me: Steph! You there?

Stephanie: Hey grl!

Me: Guess what S just bitched about?

Stephanie: So many options

Me: I know

Stephanie: 0 changes

Me: S didn’t like the dollar dance at your wedding

Stephanie: It was fun! they were grumpy. They R sure that my family is mob.

Me: You’re Italian. It makes sense.

Stephanie: I know!

Me: Nice to know that the tolerant and diverse liberals are so non-judgy

Stephanie: They ((()))) me in loving acceptance

Me: D complained people in tracksuits and curlers at church

Stephanie: Duh! couldn’t invite all. I grew up there. baptized there. People see the dress etc. how we do things. didn’t mind. wish we could invite all.

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