Saturday, August 5, 2017

Ch 8 Sly and Doris thinks Michael is working really hard just to buy pot and I ask, Is that wrong? (OK, yes, I know it’s illegal, but morally? Is it wrong to smoke pot as long as you don’t hurt anyone else? I don’t think so)

Primo: My mom and my dad are upset because even though Michael and Maria were home over break, they didn’t visit except for Christmas dinner. My dad says they were too busy working and took every shift they could get.

Me: Except for the afternoon they went bowling with us. They like to hang out with us.

Primo: That’s because we don’t scream at them.

Me: Maybe we should. It does seem to be the way.

Primo: They didn’t go see my mom and dad at all after Christmas, even though they just went back to school today.

Me: What? The kids didn’t want to return to the Scene of the Crime of the White Meat?

Primo: Nope.

Me: And also? Don’t they complain that the kids spend foolishly? That they act like there is a – and I quote – money tree? Shouldn’t they be glad that they both have are working? It sounds like they have a good work ethic.

Primo: They think Michael is working only to have money to buy pot.

Me: OK, first, if that’s why he’s working, more power to him. I mean, I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to be breaking the law – it’s risky – but if smoking pot is the worst thing he is doing, that’s not too bad. Second, maybe he is working because – I don’t know – he has a girlfriend? He has expenses at college? Because he wanted to buy nice Christmas presents for his family?

Primo: Or maybe the kids just don’t want to be screamed at. Maybe that’s why they are not visiting my mom and dad.

Me: Yeah, maybe!

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