Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ch 8 But I send an email to Doris anyhow because you know – boyfriend’s mother, sugar vs vinegar, bridges rather than walls, material for the blog, etc., etc., etc.

Dear Doris and Sly,

Doris, Primo mentioned you were concerned[1] that I hadn’t eaten the night we made the (delicious!) onion rings. (Thanks again for teaching me – it does indeed seem to be all in the wrist!)[2]

It is so kind of you to worry about me. Did he explain that I was – ahem – helping myself as I was cooking? I don’t know if there is anything tastier than a hot, salty onion ring right out of the fryer! By the time I sat down at the table, I was quite satisfied. Believe me, I ate well that night.

How is the front garden doing? I hope none of those weeds returned. We sure spent enough time trying to kill them.

I was trying to think of some books that might keep you up all night reading and make you sad when you are through. Have you ever read “Lonesome Dove” (Larry McMurtry)? It is amazing.

Even Primo liked the story. We watched the miniseries. (I read the book years ago.) He said he didn’t want to watch “a stupid Western,” so I suggested we watch just one episode of the miniseries. We ended up staying in the entire weekend to watch the rest. I think you might like it.

Be well!


[1] Do I need the sarcasm flag for you guys for the “concerned?”
[2] And I worry, as always, that I might be using too many exclamation points and that Sly will return my note with red marks and a big fat “F” across the top.

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