Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ch 8 Doris complains I didn't spend enough time with her and I am sad thinking there is no way this problem could have been resolved when Primo and I were actually at their house

Primo: My mom is upset that you did not talk to her about her gardening magazine.

Me: What is she talking about?

I am washing mustard greens for supper and am only halfway paying attention.

Primo: She says she had a gardening magazine right there on the coffee table and you should have seen it and asked her about it.

Me: Am I supposed to be a mind reader? I was supposed to know this?

Primo: I guess so.

Me: She couldn’t have brought it up? She couldn’t have said, “Goldie, you might be interested in these gardening magazines I have?”  

I put the greens on the cutting board and whack them with the butcher knife. I whack them hard.

Me: I mean, I am trying with your mom. I have written to her twice since we got back. I ask her about stuff. I do nasty chores when we are there. I didn’t know I was supposed to be able to read her mind. Is there anything that’s not my fault?

Primo: Not really.

He backs away from the counter and a possibly errant knife. He doesn’t need to worry. I haven’t lost anyone yet. I havent even lost any digits, although I occasionally have need for a Band-Aid and some superglue.

As I stir the greens into the melting bacon grease and salt them, I finish my rant and return to the actual issue. No matter how maddening Sly and Doris’ comments are, I get a perverse satisfaction from finding the lunacy in their accusations.

Me: So what else did she complain about? Did they tell you not to marry me again?

Primo: They did not bring it up.

Me: They are probably hoping you will come to your senses and ditch me.

Primo: Probably. They probably learned with (ex-wife) that telling me not to marry someone is not the right approach. Anyhow, she says you didn't spend enough time with her.

Me: I was with your mother every single waking hour we were there except for when I went to Stephanie's, when I went running, when we went to church, which doesn’t count because they were asleep anyhow, and the couple of hours we took the kids bowling. Other than that, I was with your mom. That wasn't enough for her?

Primo: She says she is trying to reach out to you and you're pushing her away.

Me: Fine. Fine. I will try harder. I just wish I knew what the rules were.



  1. I think Bertha's name creeped in there.... you CANNOT (ok, COULD not) have won anything in that guerilla war.

    1. Agreed. With difficult people, the only rule is You're Doing It Wrong, and It's 100% Your Fault.

      Those can be taken as one rule or two, I suppose. (But whichever you pick, the difficult person will tell you it's the other one.)