Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ch 8 Doris thanks me for the knives and I think perhaps we are getting back on good footing

Dear Goldie,

Primo's assurances were correct.  Your email thank you was quite enough.  I still cling to the old-fashioned hand-written ideal but realize that most of the citizenry has "modernized." 

I want you to know that I "LOVED" the knives. You were quite perceptive to notice that our cutlery had passed its “sell by” date. I find cutting and chopping quite challenging these days. Sharp new knives are making meal preparation much easier. Many thanks!




  1. I have no idea of the context of this, but I love it! Particularly "LOVED" being in quotation marks - sarcasm or creative punctuation? Who can tell!

  2. Wait! does this mean you did something right? Really?