Sunday, December 23, 2012

Monday June 4 Enough already with the campaigning!

My phone rang. I have a cell phone. We have a land line, but Primo uses it for his work, so if a call comes in on the land line, it's never for me. I never answer that phone.

My friends all have my cell number. It's the only number associated with me. I don't give it to strangers or at least not to strangers whom I don't want calling me.

I answered, thinking it was maybe someone who wanted to offer me six figures to work part-time at a fun job.

It wasn't.

It was some political telemarketer. I don't even know what side he was on - I didn't recognize the name of his organization.

He had my name. He had my phone number.

Me: How did you get this phone number?

Him: You gave it to--

Me: I have never willingly or knowingly given my phone number to a political organization.

Him: So I'm calling about--

Me: Stop. Stop right there. I am so sick of politics. I don't want to talk about it. I get more than enough political conversation in my house. I do not need it with strangers.

Him: But---

Me: Take my name and number off your list and never call me again. Goodbye.

Damn vultures. I am giving serious consideration to becoming a nun.

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  1. THAT was absoolutely the worst part of the last election. Living in a purple atate was no fun at all!