Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thursday June 7 No ride for you

Me: I saw that crazy lady Sally posted stuff on your facebook page today.

Primo: I'm mad at her.

Me: I thought you thought she was OK.

Let me back up here and explain what I mean by "crazy lady." She is very active in the Polka Dots and in the recall campaign. I noticed she had been posting on Primo's page. I told him I had heard of her before and wasn't she kind of a nutcase/loose cannon? He defended her, saying she was a strong activist.

That's when I went to the google to refresh my memory.

Actually, to the bing. I am boycotting google.

Anyhow. Yes. She is a crazy lady. Years ago, during a custody battle with her ex husband, she posted signs around town with his photo and the label "Rapist." She wanted people to boycott the ex's business. She accused the ex of stealing a book she had written and taking all the credit for herself.

She accused the judges in her case of malicious interference in her life.

Judges don't like that crap.

They slapped her down hard.

When Primo read what I had sent him, he agreed: She's a crazy lady.

Back to the story.

Primo: She's OK in that she works hard for the cause. But on Tuesday night, at the party for [the Polka Dot candidate for governor, who lost], I was talking to the PDC. She interrupted me.

Me: So?

Primo: No. I mean, I was talking to PDC and she came up and asked to speak to him for a second. I said sure. Then she said, "Privately!"

Me: OK, she's a bitch. You were speaking to someone with influence who could help your campaign and she cut you off.

Primo: Yep. She's asking for a ride to the Polka Dot convention this weekend. She's not coming with me. I've offered a ride to another candidate, but Sally can find her own ride.

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