Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sunday June 10 Too extreme for Primo

"There were some crazy people at the convention," Primo told me.

No kidding. I've been pointing out to him for a while that some of the Polka Dot legislators do not do his side credit. The one who was pulled over for driving the wrong way on a city street and who, instead of expressing horror at her mistake - she could have killed someone! screamed at the cop, "Do you know who I am?"

Not someone you want on your side.

The Polka Dot spokesman who is known for making hysterical, unsubstantiated accusations about the other side screamed at another party member who suggested that the spokesman should maybe be replaced, given the poor Polka Dot showing in the recent recall election? Who demanded to know if this person really was a party member?

Oh honey, I would have told him. Do you really have to ask that? Do you really think that the opposition wants you gone? You're the opposition's best weapon!

And of course the local activist who put up posters of her ex-husband accusing him of being a rapist. Keep talking, honey. Every word you say is gold for the other side.

"Remember the guy who dumped beer on [that Stripes legislator's] head?" Primo asked.

"Oh yes. I remember."

Primo nodded. "He tried to friend me on facebook. I turned him down."

"I think that was wise," I said dryly.

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