Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Friday August 3 The creeping campaign crap

Me: I want you to get all this campaign stuff* out of the dining room.

Primo: Well, then, you know where it will have to go.

Me: Oh no it won't.

Primo: It will have to go in the guest room.

Me: Forget it. Put it in your office.

Primo: There's no room in there!

Me: I know! Because you have 20-year-old software training manuals in there! Why won't you throw them away?

Primo: I don't have time to go through that stuff now!

Me: Your crap is taking over this house like kudzu! Why can't you just spend half an hour a day going through your junk and throwing things away?

Primo: I'm too stressed! I'm too busy!

Me: You're not too busy to go out to karaoke.

Primo: What, I'm not supposed to have fun now?

Me: You promised! You promised that once your leave started, you would clear out some of the junk.

Primo: That was last year, when I took a sabbatical.

Me: No, you promised a few weeks ago.

Primo: I can't do it.

Me: You're a liar. You make promises you don't keep.

Primo: I'll do it after the election.

Me: Liar! You've been promising to clean stuff out since before we moved into this house! I don't believe you.

Primo: Now is not the time for me to become disciplined.

* Flyers, The Candidate Boot Camp boot, more flyers, and some clipboards


  1. "You make promises you don't keep" - he already has the defining characteristic of a politician, then? I'm kidding! I hate having to deal with someone else's clutter, but I also hate the boredom of clearing up my own.

    1. I KNOW!!!!!!! I didn't want him to win because I didn't want him to go to the Dark Side.

  2. Im married to his evil twin...