Friday, February 1, 2013

Monday August 6 Ships passing in the night

This is the conversation I had with Primo, who left yesterday morning at 5:00 a.m. to attend a wedding, so of course I did not see him before he left for the airport - get up at 5 on a Sunday? are you nuts? - and who is returning today.

Primo: I'll be home about 11. You'll probably be asleep.

Me: That is my plan.

Primo: And then I won't see you tomorrow morning before you go to work. [Because Primo does not get up before 8:30 unless it is very dire circumstances.]

Me: Nope.

Primo: I'll be gone when you get home. I have to go to that town festival thing tomorrow night.

Me: Have fun.

Primo: And on Wednesday, I have to make an appearance at a fundraiser.

Me: I will never see you again, will I?


  1. Do you sleep in separate bedrooms? There's no way my Mr. could sneak back into bed without me hearing it and being fully awake.I am a very light sleeper, though. Also, my cat would yowl the roof off and my dog would react as if a burglar was under the bed.No wonder I don't sleep too good.

    1. I WISH! I am a morning person and he is a night owl. We fight more about bedtime than we do about anything else. I don't know why he cares so much that we go to bed together. I DON'T CARE! I just want to get enough sleep, which means NOT WAITING FOR HIM!