Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wednesday Aug 1 The leave of absence begins

Note from Primo:


I got up at 8:40, went upstairs and read my e-mail at 9:15, and found out that Samantha wanted me to join her and another consultant at her office at 10:30! I am still at her office; I didn't make it until 11:00 and am just about to go home, but then I'll be leaving again at 3:30 to knock on doors for my friend M and then go to his fundraiser. Then I'll be going to a health care forum at the library (probably arriving late for a 7:00 - 9:00 session) and talking to people as they leave. Unfortunately, I'll probably get home from that before your meeting is over!

I let the cats out of the basement and was surprised to hear the sound of PrettyCat pulling the dish away from SmartCat. After a few seconds, I realized that PC had not eaten and kept SC away while she ate (but still didn't finish her food). If you want to leave in the morning without feeding them, that's fine.

So another duty has been lifted from my shoulders. Whew. Life is much easier now.

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