Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sunday August 5 The fight about thank you notes, printing the taxes, and painting the balcony

On the phone, while Primo is at the airport waiting for his connection to the wedding of the daughter of old friends of his.

Me: Did you ever print the taxes?

Primo: No. Why are you asking this?

Me: Because I was just upstairs on the balcony (that goes off his office) and I realized we need to seal it again this summer. The water is puddling and soaking in.

Primo: Why did that make you think of taxes?

Me: Because I wrote "paint balcony" on your list on the fridge and I saw that I had written "print taxes" months ago.

Primo: I haven't been to a [his employer] office in months, so I haven't had a chance.

Me: What about your thank-you notes?

Primo: What?

Me: To your friends who made campaign contributions.

Primo: I don't have any stationary.

Me: It doesn't have to be on stationary! An email would be better than no thank you at all!

Primo: I'm sorry I'm not living up to the standards set by your mother and my mother on thank-you notes, but I don't think they're that important. I'm also incredibly busy.

Me: They are important!

Primo: When am I supposed to write them? Don't say that I have time to go out so I have time to write thank-you notes. Am I never supposed to have any fun?

Me: No, you're not! You are not supposed to do the fun things until the work is done.

Primo: I'm too busy.

Me: You're not doing it right.


  1. If you had time to ask for the contribution and they took their time to send it, you have (make) time to thank them. Anything less is implying that your time is much more valuable than theirs.

    1. Exactly! If someone SENDS YOU MONEY, you can write a dang note!

  2. Thank You notes are important. Especially if you want to receive any more donations at a later date.Thank you's are always good. Stick a disco ball in his office - that might make writing them more exciting and fun.

    1. That's what I told him! What if he needs to run again? He'll want more money!