Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Friday Aug 10 Primo makes a sacrifice or says he'll make one

Primo said he wanted to donate $100 to his friend's campaign and promised he would cancel his wine club membership.

He wrote to me, "I'd like to sign up as a sponsor ($100) for Steve's event tomorrow night, and I promise that I won't make any more contributions to other candidates for this election. Can I use your name (so the sponsor list will include "Primo and Gold Digger" instead of just me?) I think that would be nice if we're going to be friends with him and his parents.

I also promise that I will cancel the wine subscription next week!"

I have been complaining that spending $90 a month on wine shipments is not fiscally prudent, especially in light of our new financial situation.

And in light of the fact that we already have 300 bottles of wine in the basement.

Who can drink that much wine?

Primo wanted to list me as a donor along with himself, but I have no interest in appearing on anyone's donor list, especially someone from the other side.


  1. There is no way he'll be cancelling that wine club membership. 300 bottles? He's just getting started. Ha!

    1. He did! But yes - he is just getting started. He just told me (I read your comments to him), "I suspended my membership, but I bought some wine online today."

  2. or ... he could keep the membership and have the bottles sent to me. That way, you wouldn't know about it.

    Primo, I promise not to tell! Honest.

    1. Webb, should we put you in the will to get wine when Primo dies?