Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wednesday Aug 8 The guy who used to be the state rep in our district disses Primo

Did I tell you that one of the reasons Primo decided to run for the state house was because the guy in our district decided not to run this time? They re-drew the district lines and he was going to have to run against an imcumbent Stripe in a largely Stripe district.

Note that Primo will now be running against an incumbent Stripe in a largely Stripes district. Nothing like tilting at windmills.

So anyway. This guy, Harold, decided not to run again and to run for the county government instead. He won the county seat, which pays more than the state seat and doesn't require long trips to the capitol, and he has yet to resign his state seat, so until the end of December, he's being paid for a job he is not doing - the legislature is not in session and won't be - and will not be doing. I can assure you that many taxpayers are not happy that he is taking the pay.

But Harold didn't decide to run in the county race until very late in the game, after a candidate whom Primo really liked, Blake, had declared and had already been campaigning for a while. Primo worked on Blake's campaign, but Harold won because he had name recognition. Name recognition for 20 years in the state house, accomplishing - nothing. But perhaps that's the kind of politician people really want. Someone who goes to the capitol and does nothing. Actually, that's what I would prefer. I just want them to leave us alone.

Now we're here in the now. Tonight, Primo went to another fundraiser for Stephanie Perry. Stephanie is running in the Polka Dot primary against three other Polka Dot candidates in a primarily black district. She is the only white candidate. She, too, was drawn out of her district, so she is running in a different district. She'll move to the new district if she wins.

There are some people who are unhappy that Stephanie is running, saying that it is a black seat and she should stay out of it. Today, one of the black candidates issued a statement that Stephanie is a "hate-filled extremist" and likened her to George Wallace.

I'm getting the popcorn.

Stephanie, whom I have met, is about as far from hate-filled as you can get. True, I think her political opinions are wrong. I absolutely disagree with her on almost every issue, but she is not a hate-filled person. She is a nice lady. Not like George Wallace. Not hate filled.

Enough of Stephanie. She's not the story here. Harold was there. Primo wanted his endorsement. He approached Harold. Harold's response? "You didn't me very much in the spring. I see facebook too, you know."


  1. Oh God! I could never be in politics. Well, I could, but I'd probably have to cut my tongue out and have my hands tied behind my back.

    1. SK, I almost bit my lip in half at some of these political events. I did a lot of hanging out by myself with my phone, just to keep from arguing with people. And I took notes for the blog. I swear that's what kept me sane.