Friday, February 8, 2013

Sunday August 12 Primo is doing doors for other candidates and I won't see him for days

This, apparently, is the conversation spouse #1 has with spouse #2 on the Sunday before an election:

Me: Hi sweetie. How's it going out there?

Primo: Long day. A lot of people have wanted to talk. I guess it's the first time anyone's come to their door.

Me: Are you going to be home soon?

Primo: No. Once I'm done with this block, I'm going to a call center to make phone calls.

Me: When will you be home?

Primo: Probably not before you go to bed.

Me: OK.

Primo: And tomorrow - I might not see you tomorrow at all. I'll be doing doors in the afternoon and calls again in the evening.

Me: OK.

Primo: And on Tuesday, I'll be doing get out the vote stuff all day and then I'll be at the parties Tuesday night.

Me: So I'll see you Wednesday when I get home from work?

Primo: Maybe.

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