Friday, February 8, 2013

Sunday Aug 12 Bad politicians or ignorant voters?

At the fundraiser Saturday night, one of the candidates was telling a story about a candidate friend in another district.

"This guy has been going door to door. Almost everyone he meets says they have never met the incumbent and they don't even know who he is."

The other Polka Dots made vague sounds of disapproval. "How can [the incumbent] take his constituents for granted like that? He hasn't even campaigned!"

I interjected. "I have never met any of my political representatives, yet I know who they are. It sounds to me like these people are willfully uninformed."

They laughed. "Yes, that's what it really is," one of them said, "but it makes for good campaigning to paint your opponent as uncaring rather than pointing out that your voters are ignorant."

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