Friday, November 13, 2015

In which Primo thinks this might be it

I can't help but notice that Ted has not come up with that 30/60/90 plan yet.
the one he thought you should do

Ted talks a good game.
He is all hat and no cattle

Jack and I are at Mayo. Dad is worse today. This could be the end.
Oh no frown emoticon
This is not what I was expecting to happen even a few weeks ago

His BP is still low, heart rate up again, breathing more labored, white cell count up, and he is confused.
his poor body

They are talking about possible surgery. I don't think he would want it
on a man who is this weak?
that does not make sense
I agree - I do not think he would want it
he is tired

If C. diff colitis cannot be cured with antibiotics and the infection is getting worse, the last resort is to remove the colon
do not think your dad would want to live without a colon
do not think he would want a bag

With colectomy (vs. colostomy), one may still defecate through the rectum.
I am sorry, sweetie
this is so hard

He may need to be intubated, which will be done if needed. I don't want to have to make a decision about surgery.
intubated for breating?

I don't blame you for not wanting to have to make a decision like that

This is one of the worst days. He is confused and keeps asking for unrealistic things. He thought we were trying to fight with him and be uncooperative.

I am despondent.
I am sorry, sweetie. That sounds very very hard and very very sad

I am tired of this. I want to go on vacation with you.
oh sweetie. I am so very sorry that you and your dad are having to go through this

I haven't called them yet. Earlier today I thought my dad might die within 24 hours, in which case I would have still wanted to go!
I wish for him a peaceful, quick, painless death


  1. I am so, so sorry poor Primo had to go through this. It must have been a truly awful time for you both.

    I'm really hoping it got better quickly, but have a sick feeling that it was worse.

    Jedi hugs to you both.

  2. I'm sorry for your situation and would not post this if you were currently going through this. I laughed when I read the comment about all hat and no cattle. I dated a, according to himself, super salesman. After dating him for a while I summed him up in my mind as " all pitch and no product". I think it's the same thing.

  3. I am so sorry. How horrible for all of you.

  4. I know it's over now, but this was the time for hospice. Help him be comfortable, let him go as peacefully as possible for him and his family. My sympathies to all.

  5. How terrible for Primo. I don't know how Sly would survive surgery, and I hope his doctors will speak frankly of the possible outcomes. (& also hoping that Ted will be busy saving his career & this will keep him out of Primo and Jack's way for a while.) My sympathies to you both.

  6. Thanks, you guys. Anon, you are right - this is the time for hospice, peace, and letting go. Everyone dies - my goal is to have an easy death and I suspect that feeling is shared with many.