Monday, November 9, 2015

In which we try to decide if we should go on our vacation, which we have been planning for a year, even though Sly has diarrhea

Primo informs me that his dad has a c-dif infection, which you get from taking a ton of antibiotics, which you take because you have a UTI, which you get because you will not drink water, even if your son begs you.

"I will have to suit up to see him," Primo said.

"Should we still go on our vacation?" he asks. "My dad says he is ruining our summer."

"He is," I answered.

"I have already decided that if he dies soon, the funeral won't be until September." (It is now July.)

"I guess there is no reason to rush it," I said. "And yes, we should go on vacation. I don't think I should have to miss my vacation just because your father has diarrhea. Someone else can take care of him."

"But what if they don't do it right?"

"What can they do wrong? It's not like you're going to heal him with your magic wand. He won't heal faster if you are standing over him."

"Maybe," he answers. "Maybe I should talk to that lady about getting a private CNA or companion."

"I had her email the information to you," I say. "It's $20 an hour. Your dad can afford it."


  1. I know this is months after the fact, but if I could go back in time, I would tell you to go. Just go and have fun.

    The C. diff will clear up, whether or not a family member is there. And not even Ted himself can make them "do it right" because that assumes the facility isn't already taking it seriously and doing everything humanly possible to get the C. diff out of there. It's in their best interest to cure it.

    Also, as a CNA, there is no amount you could pay me to stay in a room, nonstop, with a person with C. diff, especially a cranky, judgemental, insulting, noncompliant one like Sly. He probably wouldn't do what the aides and nurses are saying anyway, which means they are exposed, and he doesn't care. (The exception is for someone who can't call for help or needs watching--but Sly can articulate his needs and does seem to understand what he needs to do). Also, new studies show that those paper gowns, gloves, and masks don't provide full protection from bacterial transfer. Even with training and textbook use, there's still transfer to clothes.

    Anyway, my cranky, tired self hopes you went on a fabulous trip, and Primo didn't fret, and Sly got over his C. diff while being nice to his CNAs and nurse. And I want world peace and a pony.

    1. Mermaid, thank you! It might be different if Sly were nice, but he is not. With my dad, we wanted to be with him every minute because we knew our time was short and because he was such a good guy. But Sly drives people away.

  2. You guys definitely need a break!

  3. Sorry but why why whyyyyyy is Primo being so stupid about everything????? Why cant he for once just put his foot down. Imagine how different things would have been for u 2 I he'd not quit his job / taken a break from it!

  4. *if he had not...