Monday, June 26, 2017

Ch 3 Primo meets my mom and she looooves him, which I knew she would

My aunt Aggie makes us a huge breakfast with bacon, ham, eggs, coffeecake, and muffins because she does not want us to starve during the 50-minute drive to Rita and Larry’s lake place.

We don’t starve.

Even if we had been in danger of starving, we would have had provisions. Aggie sent a package of muffins and coffeecake with us. And raspberry jam that she made herself.

As soon as we get to Rita and Larry’s place, my mom runs up to us and says, "You must be Primo! I’m so happy to finally meet you!"

She hugs him, grabs his hand, and takes him away from me, saying, “Come tell me all about yourself! Let’s get you something to eat first. Would you like a beer?”

Just like Sly and Doris! Welcoming and offering food from the very first second!

I kid. I kid.

But yeah. I am kind of obsessed with the whole food/hospitality/guest thing, because Sly and Doris are the first people I have ever met who did not offer me food the second I crossed their threshold. Are they the outliers or am I?

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  1. I don't know about the very second you cross the threshold... I assume long-term guests want to set their bags down and get a tour of the place first, maybe freshen up before I start pouring things down their throats. But yeah, within the first half-hour they should either be offered something or given free run of the kitchen, depending on the relationship.