Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ch 4 Tuesday My mother puts us in the same room and I look for the four horsemen, or, at least, the hidden cameras. OK. I give up. The world is coming to an end.

Oh my gosh you guys! Primo and I just arrived at my mom’s. SHE PUT US IN THE SAME ROOM!

No, my mom didn’t pick us up at the airport in Denver and then drive us to Colorado Springs but she would have. Primo has Hertz points that are about to expire so he figured he might as well use them.

Our flight is delayed and we don’t get to my mom’s until 2:00 a.m. My mom is already in bed when we arrive, but the door is unlocked. I take Primo downstairs, where there is a guest room and a finished basement/family room. My mom has the TV, her treadmill, and the dining room table (which is too big for the dining room upstairs) in the family room. I look in the family room for the trundle bed, which is what my mom has used for previous boyfriend guests.

There is no trundle bed.

There is no air mattress.

There is NOTHING.

I examine the guest room again. There are two twin beds in the guest room. Each of the beds is made up. Each has the top sheet and blanket turned back. Each one has a chocolate on the pillow.

It looks to me like both beds are supposed to be used.

Holy. Smoke.


  1. That's how I knew how much my mom liked my (then-)boyfriend. When my ex-husband and I were not married, even weeks away from being married, we slept in separate rooms. When I brought a different boyfriend home, separate rooms. I warned my third boyfriend who got "brought home" (I mean, I'd long since lived separately, but it's still going "home" when you visit your parents, even in a house you've never lived in, right?), I warned him ahead of time that that's how she was, and we'd be sleeping in separate rooms, and he was fine with that. But then...we arrive, and she gives him the tour of the house, ending with the guest room where we'll BOTH be sleeping. WHAT? I was flabbergasted! I guess she really liked him, or figured if we were living in sin at my house, it wasn't like we'd be going to a worse circle of hell if we slept in sin at her house, too. I dunno. But it was SHOCKING.

  2. My mother was sure that if live-in boyfriend and I shared a room in her house someone would take out a billboard on the main highway to announce it to the city and lead to her extreme embarrassment. At least that is the only thing i can figure out. What she said was, "But, i would be so embarrassed." and what i said was, "Not if you kept your mouth shut." Ok, perhaps not the best thing to say...