Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ch 4 Wednesday I ask my mom about the sleeping situation and she displays a stunning sense of practicality that is nothing like Sly and Doris’ laziness wrt the spare room because my mom does not have a spare room that is so full of crap you can barely open the door, i.e., my mom is superior, OK?

Me: Mom! You have Primo in the same room as me?

Mom: Yes.

Me: Who are you and what have you done with my mother?

Mom: Well. We are going to eat in the family room and it just seemed like too much trouble to set the trundle bed up there and then have to move it.

Me: But – but inconvenience has never stopped you before! I mean, never ever! When Jenny and I were here with John and her boyfriend for Eve’s wedding and you had the rehearsal dinner in the family room, you still had the guys sleep there.

Mom: I know. But I figured you guys aren’t sleeping in separate rooms all the time in Austin.

Me: Mom!

Mom: And I left the bundling nightstand between the two beds. So you know – you’re separated.


  1. Whenever someone who has been living with their intended gets married, my dad would say, " ow you can take out the nightstand and push the beds together!"

    He's not here anymore, so my brother made sure to say it to my son at his nuptials.

    Old jokes are the best jokes, in my opinion, especially when they keep memories alive.