Friday, July 21, 2017

Ch 6 Sly and Doris complain about Stephanie's help because there is nothing worse than someone driving over to your house to do the crap work like cleaning the litter box and putting out the trash and not sucking up to you while she is doing it

Primo: Stephanie has been helping.

Me: I know. I was messaging with her the other day.

Primo: They are complaining about her.

Me: Why?

Primo: They don’t like her attitude.

Me: Her attitude about what?

Primo: About helping them.

Me: She is helping them and they are complaining about it? They don’t like how she is helping them?

Primo: Yes.

Me: But she is not even related to them anymore. She is their ex-daughter in law. She has no obligation to them.

Primo: I know. But she still goes over every day to help them out, take them groceries, do the dishes, whatever.

Me: Why isn’t Jack helping?

Primo: They are waiting for him to volunteer.

Me: Yeah, that’s what Stephanie said. So let’s see. They turned down an offer of help from Ted. They won’t ask Jack to help. And when Stephanie just shows up every day to check on them, they don’t like her attitude?

Primo: My dad says she doesn't seem enthusiastic about it. She acts like it's just some kind of obligation. She doesn't seem happy.

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