Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ch 6 Stephanie is helping Sly and Doris, which is so far beyond what she should do – the woman should be sainted

Stephanie: I call them every day to ask if they need anything.

Me: That’s really nice of you.

Stephanie: They always tell me no, but I have been going to the house anyhow just to check on them.

Me: But they are so mean to you.

Stephanie: Yeah, but Doris wasn’t always like that. I feel sorry for her.

Me: You are a better person than I. Primo told me that Ted volunteered to fly down to help and they turned him down.

Stephanie: I don’t get that. I mean, I get not wanting to be around Ted , but I don’t understand why they won’t accept help if it’s offered.

Me: But I thought the rule was the child had to offer – that Sly and Doris will not ask.

Stephanie: It is. They will not call Jack and he won’t call them. His attitude is if they need help, they can ask for it. Theirs is that he should call them –

Me: But if he does call, will they reject his help the way they did Ted’s?

Stephanie: Probably. You can’t win with them.


  1. I think Ted's real name slipped through there!

    1. Thanks! I was on vacation (with almost no internet access, so it was fabulous) and couldn't get to it!