Saturday, July 22, 2017

Ch 6 Jack has oral surgery and blurts out some truths to Sly and Doris, i.e., in vino veritas

Stephanie: Sly and Doris are really pissed at Jack.

Me: Why?

Stephanie: They gave him a ride home from the dentist because I was at work.

Me: You would have given your ex-husband a ride? You are nice to everyone.

Stephanie: Yes. I have to keep a good relationship with him. We have kids together. Besides, I don’t hate him. He’s not a bad person. That restaurant killed us. I think we would still be married if we had not moved here and he had kept his old job.

Me: OK. So they gave him a ride home. That was nice of them. They won’t pick us up at the airport but it’s nice to know that they will do a favor for someone sometime.

Stephanie: Yeah. He had something with drugs where he wasn’t allowed to drive after. They asked him why the kids don’t ever want to come over to their house and why they don’t seem to be happy when they are at their house.

Me: They don’t know why? I’ve known your kids for a lot less time than they have and it’s pretty obvious to me.

Stephanie: I guess not. He was still drugged, so he told them the truth. He said they don’t like being criticized all the time about how they talk or what they wear or about their jobs and college and what they eat.

Me: This was news to them?

Stephanie: They say it’s for the kids’ own good.

Me: So they know they are doing it and they do it anyhow?

Stephanie: Right? They are so mad at him. They have sent him a bunch of emails telling him he is wrong.

Me: He told you about the emails?

Stephanie: No! They copied me on them.

Me: Who does that?

Stephanie: They do.

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